RG30L-WS Wicked Start 600+ CCA Battery; Harley 2007 Ultra Classic Electra Glide; Part# BTX30L, B30L-B, CB30L-B, YIX30L, 66010-97A/B/C

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Dimensions: L 6 1/2 x W 5 x H 7 1/4 IN.
600+ Cold Cranking Amps CCAs
Impact resistant case and cover

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12 volt 30 ah Sealed AGM 600+cca Maintenance-Free Battery by Renegade High Performance replacement. For Motorcycles: Harley 2005-2006 CVO Classic Electra Drift, 2016-2014 CVO Limited, 2016-2000 CVO Road Drift (2, EFI, Custom, Ultra), 2014-2012 / 2003 CVO Road King (2), 2016-2010 CVO Street Drift, 2010-2006 CVO Ultra Classic (Electra Drift), 2011-1997 Electra Drift Classic (EFI), 2009-1997 Electra Drift Standard (EFI) 2016-2012 Electra Drift Ultra Classic (LOW), 2013-2010 Electra Drift Ultra Limited, 2016-2015 Freewheeler, 2016-1998 Road Drift (EFI, Custom, Special, Ultra), 2016-1997 Road King (Classic, Custom, EFI), 2016-2006 Street Drift (EFI, Special, Trike), 2016-2009 TRI Drift Ultra (Classic), 2013-1997 Ultra Classic Elecrra Drift & EFI, 2016-2014 Ultra Limited (LOW), 2016-2015 Road Drift; RG30L-BS = Equivlant to: RG30L-BS, OEM 66010-97A, 66010-97B, 66010-97C, Deka ETX30L, GS GIX30L, Sears 44076, Interstate YIX30L, FAYIX30L, X2-30LA, Power-Sonic PIX30LBS-FS, Bikemaster BIX30L, Xtreme X2-30LA, BCI BTX30L, B30L-B, CB30L-B, SVR30L, WPX30L-BS, XTA30L-BS,, YUAM6230X, UBVT-2, UIX30L
Dimensions: L 6 1/2 x W 5 x H 7 1/4 IN.
600+ Cold Cranking Amps CCAs
Have an effect on resistant case and cover
Each Battery is fully charged and tested before it leaves our warehouse. An analysis report is included so you’ll be confident your battery is able to go.
Our batteries feature AGM construction. AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat; this is the contemporary technology in battery production nowadays. AGM construction provides you with an absolutely sealed liquid-free powersport battery with a purpose to not leak or corrode.

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