LR44 AG13 1.55 Volt Alkaline Battery 20 Batteries Hexbug Compatible


AG13/LR44/357A 1.55V Button Cell, Coin Battery – Also fits CR44, SR44, 357, SR44W, AG13, G13, A76, A-76, GPA76, PX76, 675, 1166a, LR44H, V13GA, GP76A, L1154, L1154F, RW82B, EPX76, SR44SW, 303, 303/357, SR44, S303, S357, SP303, SR44SW

Fits Hexbug and Fingerlings. Comes in retail blister pack card packaging designed to keep each battery separated.

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1. Wipe the battery with a dry cloth and set properly confirming ends (+/-).
2. Do not throw the battery into the fire, do not recharge.
3. Store batteries in a cool and dry place.
4. Do not force-discharge.
5. Keep batteries out of children’s reach.
6. Do not store or use in temperatures over 185 degrees Fahrenheit (85 degrees C).
7. Never store loose batteries together.

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