Laptop Battery for HP 484172-001 485041-001 498482-001 484170-001 HSTNN-LB72 HSTNN-UB72 HSTNN-CB72 484171-001 485041-001 HSTNN-Q34C, CQ40 CQ50 CQ60 CQ70 HDXX16 G60 G70 – High Performance Spare Power

$39.99 (as of April 16, 2018, 12:03 pm) $16.99 Save 58%

Battery Cells are the most important. Buy with confidence! We have been manufacturing the laptop battery more than 10 years. Tree.NB laptop batteries include only the highest quality battery cells and components. We are passionate about excellence so that with every Tree.NB brand purchase, you can expect to find quality materials, high performance, affordable price! And We Promise the Laptop Battery’s Quality for Customer.
100% New Direct from Manufacturer. Replacement Laptop Battery is Rechargeable for Repeat Use and Every Single Lithium Battery Charging More Than 800 Times, Expected operation time: 2- 5 hours. This may vary, depending on device type and the way it is used.
Battery Compatible Models List 1: dv4-1114nr DV4-1120US DV4-1225DX dv4-1428dx dv4-1428tx DV4-1435DX DV4-1465DX dv4-1543sb DV4-1548DX DV4-1551DX DV4-2040US DV4-2045DX dv4-2145dx DV5-1000 DV5-1000EA DV5-1000US DV5-1001AU DV5-1001TX DV5-1002 DV5-1002AU DV5-1002AX dv5-1002nr DV5-1002TX DV5-1004NR DV5-1004TX DV5-1010 DV5-1017NR DV5-1020 DV5-1030 DV5-1100 DV5-1125NR DV5-1235DX DV5T-1000 DV5Z-1000

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