Hybrid Battery Cell Module Toyota for Prius 2001-2003 by HV HYBRID PARTS (GEN 1.5 MODULE)

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Hybrid Battery Cell Module Toyota for Prius 2001-2003 by HV HYBRID PARTS

Included in this package is one module for a Generation 1 Hybrid Battery pack.
Replacing just the bad modules as opposed to all the battery pack can save you thousands in parts and labor.
Please take proper safety precautions when installing these modules.
For maximum Battery life we recommend insuring that each one modules in your pack are matched by capacity, resistance and state of
charge before you install them back into your vehicle.

Their are two versions of Generation 1 Modules to be had from Hv Hybrid Parts:
-Generation 1 Modules are Original OEM modules manufactured in 2001-2003 and are the same ones in an untouched OEM Hybrid pack.
-Generation 1.5 Modules are an upgraded version of Generation 1 modules and will fit perfectly with the remainder of your pack. They feature metal
foil siding for better heat dispersion, Upgraded O-rings and most importantly they were only Manufactured after 2010!! If your pack used to be
replaced after 2010 by a dealership for a new pack likelihood is that it contains Generation 1.5 modules in it.

These modules are used just like the remainder of the modules in your battery pack and have been tested to take care of a minimum of 7.2v with a Heavy
0.125 OHM load (~60 Amp draw) and hold 7.6v+ without load. We would not recommend installing brand new modules (unless you replace them all)
as this can make the battery imbalanced.

-Toyota Prius Generation 1 2001-2003

Whispered Hybrid Car Battery Secrets

The important consideration to keep in mind is not to permit your battery to die completely. Since the battery runs on wheels, the higher weight and size isn’t too critical. Your new battery is going to be shipped in special reusable packaging which allows you to readily return your previous battery back to us.  It’s a fact that a new replacement battery may set you back around 3000, even though there are reconditioned ones offered for much less. Battery replacement needs to be left to professionals. After all, these batteries are extremely expensive to replace so they certainly don’t need to need to cover the price of replacing the battery below your warranty. In addition, since the batteries typically last for the duration of the auto, you can most likely find an inexpensive junkyard battery rather than having to buy a new battery.


Oftentimes, your battery can accumulate corrosive materials as time passes, which not only can help it become die quicker, but it may also be bad for the remainder of your engine. Batteries in satellites utilize a similar system where the battery discharges less than 10% in a satellite night. In normal conditions, it’s unlikely you will want to replace a battery. In this instance, the battery would need to be charged by a Frankenstein machine which exists only at Toyota dealers. There are a couple of warning signs to keep an eye out for that indicate a dying battery. It’s not merely a normal automobile battery. A hybrid car battery is similar to any other batteryexcept that it’s rechargeable and has enough juice to move a large heavy vehicle down the street for a couple feet or a couple of miles.


Hybrids have a tendency to have somewhat lower maintenance expenses, particularly for brakes. 1 good thing about hybrids is they are largely computer controlled. In any case, they are here to stay. When they were new to the market, there were federal and state subsidies available to help offset part of the cost of the cars. Distinct hybrids also utilize various forms of drivetrains, the mechanical components that deliver capability to the driving wheels.


Only you can choose if it’s the hybrid is suitable for you. Hybrids use a mix of petrol and electricity to power the auto. It is all dependent on which hybrid you have. Series hybrids can use both power sources with each other, or else they can drive on just battery power for brief distances.


Things You Should Know About Hybrid Car Battery

In many instances, it’s half your car’s resale value or more! Transmission it is necessary to propel the vehicle forward just enjoy the standard cars that are powered by automobiles. Clearly, hybrid and electric vehicles are likely to play a function in the future, and we would like to be a component of that,” Harris stated.


On two or three occasions, the car acted as though it wouldn’t start. In every one of those instances, the cars were Toyota Camrys. They also use other technologies to increase fuel efficiency, such as Continuously Variable Transmission (CTV). It’s the simplest and quickest way to eliminate your vehicle. This vehicle is shown to be the true head turner. All hybrid cars benefit from regenerative braking. They are now growing in popularity and attention because of these problems.


Hybrid cars consist of these parts Gas engine it is smaller and better in energy efficiency as compared to conventional automobiles. For example, they still need engine oil and a car battery to function properly. A great deal of people don’t understand what hybrid cars are or the way in which they work.


The Demise of Hybrid Car Battery

Our well-informed team can help you with any questions that may have, in addition to help you obtain the right battery for your car. Simply get in contact and our expert team will allow you to choose the ideal battery to meet your vehicle. Sadly, if you’d like to learn more about the benefits of driving a hybrid car, you must do the majority of your own research. While the cost might be as low as $500, you will require an expert to do the swap and you’ll have no guarantee of its reliability. Just input your mileage and auto details and it’ll provide you estimated running costs. You may be wondering why a hybrid battery costs thousands of dollars as a traditional automobile battery only costs a couple of hundred dollars.


In a parallel hybrid car, the engine is nearly always on, although the auto could be in a position to begin from a rest employing the electric motor alone. With the lack of gas tax, the road process is yours to utilize free of charge. When you haven’t been trained in how to diagnose and correct a hybrid car battery problem, then there’s a superb likelihood you could not just hurt yourself, you could hurt your vehicle.

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