Extreme Alkaline Batteries Bulk Size Wholesale Family Pack


Manufactured to prevent corrosion with a zinc composition resulting in a 7-year shelf life

Designed to provide reliable and lasting performance for all household and standard everyday devices.

Works great in items that are considered mid to low drain standard devices. Items such as wall clocks, radios, smoke detectors and remote controls will get hours of power with our Polaroid batteries. Perfect as back-up batteries for alarm clocks emergency lights keyboards and mouse. Perfect For TV Remote Controls, MP3 Players, and Digital Cameras Triple A Battery

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Assorted is proud to distribute Polaroid Extreme Alkaline Batteries. Don’t get caught in the dark, these Polaroid Extreme Performance Alkaline Batteries provide power, quality, and basics reliability for everyday devices. These 1.5-volt batteries provide excellent performance even after storage, with a storage life up to 7 years. Superior performance! Polaroid Extreme Performance Alkaline Batteries, which are distributed by Assorted, perform as good as or better than top branded batteries in the market

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