BiXPower 24V & 5V High Capacity (99 Wh, or 27,000mAh) Rechargeable Battery with 24V Mini UPS Function – BiXPower MP100-24V

$149.95 (as of April 9, 2018, 9:54 am)

This battery can output 24V & 5V DC power. It can be used for many different devices such as LED lights, tablets, mobile phones, digital frames and DVD players.
The battery maximum output at 24V can reach 60W ( 2.5 Amps at 24V) by combining input power or by battery itself. 24V Can be used for LED lights, LCD Monitors and many other devices. 10 interchangeable connector tips can fit many different size power jacks. 5V USB port for iPads, tablets and cell phones.
High Capacity: 99 Watt-hour capacity ( or 27,000 mAh if rated like other external batteries on market). Its rated capacity is equivalent to a 12V 8Ah lead acid battery. However, this lithium battery can be fully discharged while most lead acid battery cannot be fully discharged. This battery’s actual running time per charge may be close to a 12V 10Ah ~ 12Ah lead acid battery.

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