APDTY 698112 Hybrid Battery REMAN G928047110, G928147100, G951047030, G951047031

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Meets Or Exceeds OEM Specs
Factory OEM Fit Form And Function

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Brand Newly Remanufactured Hybrid Battery
Fits 2004-2009* Toyota Prius (2009* Manufactured Up To 3/2009)
Replaces G928047110, G928147100, G951047030, G951047031
Meets Or Exceeds OEM Specs
Factory OEM Fit Form And Function

What Is a Hybrid Battery?

A half and half auto battery resembles some other battery—with the exception of that it is rechargeable and has enough squeeze to move a huge overwhelming vehicle not far off for a couple of feet or a couple of miles.

How Can It Work?

Like all batteries, half breed batteries have two terminals (which gather or transmit an electric charge) that sit in a particle rich arrangement called the electrolyte. (A particle, coincidentally, is an iota or gathering of molecules with an electrical charge.)

The anodes are regularly close, so a polymer film, called a separator, keeps them from touching, which would make a short out. An on-off switch in whatever gadget is fueled by the battery—your telephone or portable PC—connects the cell’s terminals to produce control. That is the point at which the electrochemical response starts.

Remember: What we ordinarily call “a battery” is really a battery pack that houses numerous individual cells. Your cell phone battery is only one single cell, however anything bigger—even a tablet battery—utilizes different cells cooperating.

Ionized components in one anode are in a concoction state where they are effectively pulled in to join with different particles, producing electrons (vitality) all the while. Those components are pulled through the electrolyte and the separator toward the restricting terminal. The particles of the negative terminal (anode) surrender electrons; the positive particles coming toward the anode acknowledge them. The electrons discharged amid this procedure go through the outer circuit (e.g. your telephone), creating a stream of charge the other way to the stream of particles. Amid revive; current is constrained into the cell, turning around the procedure.

As we take a voyage through cross breed batteries, recollect a certain something: Total vitality decides the vehicle’s electric range, though accessible power decides its increasing speed.


A remanufactured segment is one that has been revamped utilizing repaired existing segments and additionally new segments. Half and half Drive Batteries are absolutely remanufactured and tried as total frameworks including the battery PC or ECU, outfits, copper transports, connectors, and casings.

Mixture Batteries are redesigned with patent pending nickel plated transport bars and security separate terminals welded to anticipate erosion and guarantee conductivity. Also, all batteries accompany the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and do not require any extra programming after establishment. For a total repair, tackle and battery gadgets are incorporated.

  • Upgraded materials to better nickel plated buss bar than diminish erosion
  • Redesigned cells to dispense with spilling
  • Professional establishment prescribed



Batteries lose their charge after some time and wind up plainly far less effective. Top notch remanufactured answer for the most disappointment inclined applications out and about. These batteries are remanufactured in the U.S.A. also, meet the most elevated quality measures that are unmatched by other reman battery providers. Different brands recently remanufacture different batteries few incorporates:

APDTY 698112 Hybrid Battery – Fits 2004-2009* Toyota Prius (2009* Manufactured Up To 3/2009) -Replaces G928047110, G928147100, G951047030, G951047031

APDTY 698111 Remanufactured Hybrid Battery Fits 2001-2003 Toyota Prius


Highlights and Benefits of APDTY 698112

  • Each battery unit is 100% tried to guarantee ideal execution.
  • Electronic Control Unit is recharged and 100% tried to guarantee battery does not come up short all of a sudden.
  • Entire battery pack is adjusted to guarantee every module is working at steady productivity.
  • NiMH modules are revived to guarantee item dependability and long life.
  • Relays are 100% tried, which is basic to guarantee enduring battery life.
  • Meets or Exceeds OEM Specs
  • Factory OEM Fit Form and Function

Extra Information Includes:

Brand                                                                         APDTY

Index Number List                                                  698112

Color                                                                          Black

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APDTY 698112 Hybrid Battery REMAN G928047110, G928147100, G951047030, G951047031
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